About Us

Advancing trauma-informed and healing-centered systems.



Communities working together to change the way our systems understand, respond to and heal trauma.




Our systems of care are trustworthy, compassionate, coordinated, and responsive to the needs and priorities of our communities.




Trauma Transformed advances trauma-informed and healing-centered system change through community- and cross-system collaboration that mitigates stress, trauma and oppression impacting our communities.


Trauma and chronic stress is a pervasive public health issue that affects community residents and our human services workforce. Like people, organizations are susceptible to trauma and structural oppression in ways that contribute to fragmentation, reactivity and depersonalization. The effects of trauma are also pernicious and lead to systems that are trauma-inducing instead of healing and relationship-centered.


Trauma Transformed recognizes that systems induce stress and our work focuses on creating healing environments, policies and practices that mitigate the impact of stress and trauma for our workforce and all of us impacted by systems.





With the support of a multi-year Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA ) grant, East Bay Agency for Children launched Trauma Transformed in 2015, with the collaboration of seven Bay Area Counties and founding partners including Youth in Mind, Center for Youth Wellness , UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital. Read about our origins and outcomes in the 2018 report by Learning for Action. Since 2018, Trauma Transformed has grown from a Bay Area regional center into cultivating healing networks nationally.