Meet the Team

Shawana Booker, Center Director, LCSW (she/her)

Shawana is an Oakland native. She previously was Senior Director of Intensive Behavioral Health at EBAC. Prior to that, she provided trauma-informed culturally-responsive behavioral health interventions to children involved with the foster care system. She is also a national speaker and trainer on effective behavioral health interventions for children, youth, and families. She is a certified trainer of Triple P Parenting and has trained over 1000 practitioners to deliver this evidence-based intervention. Shawana earned her BA and MSW from University of California, Berkeley. Email

Azaria Bailey-Curry, TIS Implementation Specialist (she/they)

Azaria, a resident of Oakland since 2014, joined the EBAC team through Trauma Transformed in 2022. She earned her Bachelor of Social Work from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA and her Master of Public Administration from California State University, East Bay. Azaria has worked in various capacities as a public servant including with folks with physical disabilities, seniors, children and families in crisis, school settings, shelters, race & equity interest groups, and government-based housing resources. She is motivated by applying geopolitical historical contexts to current socio-economic conditions to humanize institutions. In their free time, they also enjoy gardening, biking, and reading.Email

Antoine Moore, TIS Specialist and Leadership Coach (he/him)

Antoine is at heart a catalyst for learning and development, having done some form of individual or organizational capacity building for 20 years. In the past, he worked as a life coach, nonprofit consultant, facilitator, manager, and creative arts therapist. Antoine has great passion for helping others create trauma informed systems.  His perpetual question is how to set up creative, responsive contexts where people are able to bring forth their best thinking and being.
Antoine loves language and culture and has a goal to become conversant in 7 languages before he retires. Email

Brianna Young (she/her), Lead Trainer and Project Specialist
Brianna is a Midwest native who draws on her experience as an educator, curriculum writer, and instructional coach to support projects and training facilitation at Trauma Transformed. Throughout her career, Brianna has journeyed through a variety of roles, from a national education consultant to a school-based site coordinator and instructional coach, as well as, most importantly, a middle school teacher. She obtained a Master's degree in curriculum and instruction, specializing in trauma and resilience in educational setting, and loves presenting, cultivating resources, and facilitating actionable conversations around equity, youth development, trauma-and-resilience informed practices, and systems-lvel decisions to actualize change. Email

Paula Gonzalez, Lead TIS Trainer (she/her)

Paula, a native Spanish speaker was born in Chile, and grew up as an immigrant in the east coast of the United States. In 2009, she moved to the Bay area and has since spent her career dedicated to providing therapeutic relational services from a trauma informed and resiliency-building lens. She has always been a systems thinker and in 2017 began her journey at Trauma Transformed. She is a certified Trauma Informed Systems 101 Lead Trainer and Coach. At Trauma Transformed she has delivered a diverse set of curricula across public health systems, maternal health hospitals, pediatric safety net care settings, community-based organizations, school systems, and housing, both locally and nationally. She has learned that it is essential to bring “relationships” back to the center of our business practices as a means of fostering sustainability. She is delighted to use her capacity to support both individuals and systems develop healing ways of working together, while staying well in the process.  Email

Dr. Arash Daneshzadeh, Ed.D., M.A. (he/they/elle)
Arash is a multiracial educator, author, organizational coach, professor, and trauma-informed artist who fled to the U.S. as a child refugee of war and was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area where he has served the mission of educational equity for 21 years. Arash has taught classes on organizing movements and trauma-organized multicultural pedagogy in the Graduate School of Education at the University of San Francisco, Alder Graduate School, CSU East Bay, Skyline College, and Stanford University. He serves as Editor-In-Chief of The Transformative Justice Journal and created the Black Literacy Project in Buffalo Schools (N.Y.) and the urban gardening YPAR (youth-participatory action research) project in the Mission District of SFUSD. His passion is uplifting historically marginalized youth by re-imagining systems of harm for ecosystems that promote decolonial healing.

Colleen Klus (she/her)
Colleen has over 15 years of experience building embodied antiracist practices into organizational culture, learning and development, and leadership and management. Through a holistic and nuanced approach, she addresses power dynamics and partners to establish equitable, systemic changes. Colleen is grounded in understanding that as a white woman benefiting from white privilege, she is part of an ongoing culture of violence. Reducing harm is at the core of who she is, how she exists in relationships, and how she cultivates hope. She and her husband Justin are blessed to be parents, and love spending days as a family dancing and laughing together.

Gigi Annino, Center Support  (she/her)

Gigi provides administrative, marketing, and graphic design support to the T2 team.  She is also the social media and marketing strategist and event coordinator for social impact. Email




Quandy, Therapy Dog

T2’s ancestral therapy dog.

Meet Our Consultants

Jen Leland, Sustainability Planning

Dr. Ken Epstein, Leadership Coach (he/him)

Program: TIS Leadership




Joyce Dorado, Lead TIS Curriculum Developer

Program: UC Berkeley (TIS in Education)


Matt Reddam, Northern California TIS Facilitator

Program: TIS in Education


Saun-Toy Trotter, Lead TIS Trainer and Coach

Program: Compassion Fatigue, Healing Circle


Briana Moore, Lead TIS Trainer

Program: Compassion Fatigue, Healing Circle

Darryn Green, TIS Coach

Program: Child Welfare, Community-led Policy