Trauma Transformed Communications


Trauma Transformed Year 2 Progress Report 2016 (PDF)
This report summarizes our second year of the Trauma Transformed center and the first operational year of our regional work. We are very proud of all the work we did together and, more importantly, the relationships and community cultivated to grow this regional trauma-informed and healing system of care.



Connecting Youth Placed Out-of-County to Care (PDF)
This report summarizes a year of reflections and data collecting to better understand how Bay Area children and youth in foster care move across county lines and the impact of these moves on their wellness, ability to link to care and supports, and how we might better respond as a region for our most vulnerable youth.



County to County Flow of Youth in Foster Care GIS Mapping (PPT)
As part of our care coordination work, we partnered with Chapin Hall to complete a GIS mapping project to better understand flow of youth in foster care across regional and state county lines. Data was collected to understand how we might work together differently to build a regional healing continuum of supports. By understanding flow, we might better understand how to resource differently.


Supporting Survivors of Trauma in Evidence-Based Parenting Programs (PDF)

This report documented the outcome of a partnership between San Francisco Parent Training Institute, Trauma Transformed and the CDC (Center for Disease Control) to explore the intersections of trauma, healing and evidence-based parenting practices.


Care Across Counties: Implementation of AB 1299: Mental Health for Foster Youth (PDF)

This report is a result of our regional care coordinators coming together with state policy leads to better understand how recent legislation can effectively improve how youths access care across county lines.



Year 3 Evaluation Summary Report (PDF)
Check out this just published executive summary. If you would like to see the report in its entirety, please contact us. We are humbled by the work we do with our collaborators in the Bay Area.



Trauma Informed Tools

Trauma-informed Environmental Scan (PDF)
This sample form can be used, preferably with your clients, to better understand how your organization’s physical spaces are supporting the Trauma-Informed Systems  principles in action.  

Policy Audit Tool (DOC)
The policy audit tool was designed to assist organizations in examining individual policy from a trauma-informed lens. The tool may be used by county systems, community based organizations, and champions groups to guide continuous quality improvement.

Digital Media

Hear stories of impact from local experts across sectors on the impact of growing our organizations into healing systems of care.

Tell us a highlight from the TIS Training

How has being a part of TIS shifted your understanding of trauma?

Describe how TIS is shifting the work being done in your system.

Describe the value of TIS as a regional effort.


On October 19th, a group of regional foundation and philanthropy leaders, researchers, and practice leaders gathered for a collective grappling around issues of racial justice, trauma-informed systems, and how we invest and measure Bay Area change and transformation. We are hosting a follow up in March 2018 to deepen the conversation facilitated by Dr. Kenneth V Hardy


Voices of Healing Video Series 

These videos were made to highlight the experiences and voices of youth and family members who have been impacted by systems and who have found healing relationships within our systems of care.

Our work is relational, hopeful, and tenacious and it matters to youth and families who have been impacted by trauma. See all videos

Visual Learning Aids

Effectively Talk About Race – Dr. Ken Hardy (PDF)
An infographic to support workforce in conversations about race, trauma, and healing.


Healing Organization Chart (PDF)
A visual learning aid used in TIS to describe how systems grow along a continuum from “organized around trauma” to “trauma-informed” to “healing organization”.