Spotlight: Meet Champ from the Youth and Family Healing Team


Hello my name is Autoria Johnson, but I prefer you call me by my nickname, Champ. I am a co-facilitator in this wonderful T2 Youth and Family Healing Team. I love uniting and building relationships while facilitating. It empowers me and gives me courage to overcome my fears, and gives me the perseverance to drive on faith and leave doubt in the rear. When facilitating, I also get a chance to learn and see perspectives from a plethora of different lenses, from all walks of life, all with a common goal of transforming our trauma so that we can prevail in triumph.

I don’t have any degrees; just some good old fashioned lived experience that everyday people can relate to. I keep a flavorful recipe that’s unconditional with the ingredients of love and gratitude, which is heavily potent. There is no “I” in team. I have learned and grown so much by being able to build leadership and community knowledge with my teammates at Trauma Transformed and the Youth and Family team. To be honest, I thirst for knowledge and healing spaces that allow you to vent to be heard with no judgment. That’s what keeps me coming back for more. And by the way, I love to eat and they have really great snacks there. (This is just some brut honesty!) This is a safe space to be entertained and educated. I double, triple dare anybody to join us to see the experience for yourself. Each 1 teach 1 to reach 1!

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