Organizational Assessment Grid

Seeking assessment tools to measure your organization’s alignment to trauma-informed care practices?  This grid below describes many tools and how to access.  For more information please contact Matthew Reddam at matthew.reddam@ebac.org.


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Trauma-Informed Agency Assessment (TIAA) Version 1.4

Maine Dept. of Health and Human Services

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Child Serving Agencies, Youth, & Family Agencies serving children who experience trauma and their familes. Measure is validated making data collection and results more applicable
Trauma-Informed Program Self-Assessment Scale

Roger D. Fallot, Ph.D. & Maxine Harris, Ph.D.

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Child/Adult Serving Agencies/Programs This is the original document that most Trauma-Informed Agency Assessments used as a template–Beneficial for education and creation of assessment to suit individual needs of agency/county
Organizational Self-Assessment: Adoption of Trauma-Informed Care Practice

National Council For Community Behavioral Healthcare

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Child/Adult Serving Agencies/Programs Organizations interested in improving their policies, procedures, practices, and social and physical environment to reflect core principles of TIC
Trauma-Informed Care Organizational Self-Assessment for Consumer-Run Organizations

Wisconsin Dept. of Health Services

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Child/Adult Serving Agencies/Programs Consumer-run mental health recovery organizations begin to develop TIC in their environment, programs, & services
Creating Trauma-Informed Care Environments: An Organizational Self-Assessment

University of South Florida

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Child/Adult Serving Agencies/Programs (alternate version available for youth residential) Organizations just beginning or already practicing principles of TIC
Trauma-Organizational Self-Assessment

Orchard Place/Child Guidance Center’s Trauma Informed Care Project

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Child/Adult Serving Agencies/Programs Assessment of organizations readiness to implement a trauma-infomred approach
TreSIA Self-Assessment

ePower & Associates

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Child/Adult Serving Agencies/Programs Assessing where organization is relative to key characteristics in environments that operate from a trauma-informed perspective
Trauma Informed Organizational Assessment

National Center on Family Homelessness

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Child/Adult Serving Agencies/Programs Toolkit used for information, education, and tools that are available for assessment of agency need and current trauma informed integration
Trauma–Informed Organizational Self-Assessment for Child Abuse Prevention Agencies

Wisconsin Children’s Trust Fund

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Child Abuse Prevention Agencies Adapted from the Fallot & Harris Toolkit, this assessment is specific to child abuse prevention agencies looking to examine their current trauma informed system
Trauma Informed Care (TIC) Organizational Self Assessment

Shift Your Perspective Trauma Informed Care

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Child/Adult Serving Agencies/Programs Assessment intended to help agency identify components of trauma-informed care that may be selected for an action plan