Reflections on Vulnerability

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Reflections on Vulnerability
by Mz. B (SF Public Health)

Being vulnerable with people who are different causes a natural wall, a field of protection in women from my place. It blocks out unsafe energy, but  it also has a reverse impact as well. It locks me into old ways of being. I call it putting new ideas on top of old situations, old wounds, old injuries. I have recently become connected to white people who are allies. One friend says “my people are so broken…” (every time her people do something hurtful or stoopid). This simple acknowledgement does more than one will ever know. By making herself vulnerable, it allows me to be safe and encourages transparency from both of us. It also creates a space for healing and connection.

So my judgement of others is getting better and there are still mean spirited broken people with power. Another type of power, way beyond their knowing of kindness and vulnerability, is also around for the taking. It ain’t for the weak. It takes courage, it takes a sense of humor. It is a willingness to say, “sorry, that was wrong.”   I highly recommend this Ted Talk: The Power of Vulnerabilty. Take a listen…