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Racial Justice and Collective Trauma

“If it’s not racially just, it’s not trauma-informed.”

Trauma Transformed is hosting Fall 2017 Series exploring public health leadership at the crossroads of race, trauma, and system change.This series will bring Dr. Kenneth V Hardy to the Bay Area for regional leadership sessions that hope to both compliment and build upon the RYSE Trauma and Healing Learning Series and the Racing ACES convenings led by RYSE Youth Center

There is a growing buzz in the Bay Area around how to embed principles of trauma-informed systems and racial equity into our nonprofit, philanthropy, and public health practices. 

Our health systems can inadvertently reinforce mechanisms of oppression and trauma OR they can build mechanisms of healing and liberation.

While there is a rising movement towards the latter, tensions continue to exist when systems adopt trauma-informed and equity principles against a backdrop of public health mandates focused on efficiency and managed care models.  There is growing urgency on how to solve complex social problems, and its not always clear how to begin, measure, or lead these practices.

  • How do we build the new structural mechanisms to support these new practices while still caught up in old structures?  
  • How will we need to change our behaviors as leaders to support new system changes?  

We begin our Fall Series with how to deepen these conversations within ourselves and systems.  We will be exploring the readiness tasks and underlying principles to consider prior to having conversations about race, equity, and trauma in our systems. Check out the infographic “How to Talk Effectively About Race”, by Dr. Kenneth Hardy.

Check back for learnings from our collective grappling and leadership series soon.


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