Regional Teams

Advisory Council

The Trauma Transformed Advisory Council is made up of youth and family members with lived systems experience from each of the seven counties. This council works alongside the Oversight Committee to provide oversight, guidance, and consultation to all center activities including: policy, care coordination, training, workforce development, social marketing, evaluation and continuous quality improvement.

Advisory Council facilitated by Youth In Mind Contact: Susan Manzi

Social Marketing Team

The Social Marketing Team works with PR firm Vanguard Communications and develops messaging, branding, media, media-channels and outreach strategies used by the center to advance regional strategic goals.

For questions, contact the team lead: Anh Ta

Policy Team

The Policy Team consists of policy stakeholders at the regional level who examine current county level policies for regional alignment, regional policies for state alignment and TIS practices that can be better sustained through policy development. The Policy team works closely with the Center for Youth Wellness. Download a diagram of policy focus areas.

For questions, contact the team lead: Matthew Reddam

Care Coordination Team

The Care Coordination Team evaluates best practices for coordinating care for out-of-county
foster youth in our region and develops a regional model (standard process) for care coordination.

For questions, contact the team lead: James Thompson

Evaluation Team

The Evaluation Team develops and completes Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)-required local and national evaluation and informs the continuous quality improvement (CQI) process through data sharing and reporting.

For questions, contact the team lead: Francesca Osuna

CQI Team

The Continuous Quality Improvement Team (CQI) uses data to understand and guide project implementation and sustainability, ensuring that project goals are met and exceeded in a meaningful way.

For questions, contact the team lead: Jen Leland

Operations Team

The Operations Team functions as the county leads in all aspects of the center including project planning, implementation, data collections and communication with county representatives and partners.

For questions, contact the team lead: Briana Moore

Oversight Committee

The Oversight Committee consists of founding county department directors from each of the 7 counties and this team provides oversight and governance to all activities of the center including strategic planning, mission and vision setting, and guiding sustainability efforts of the center.

For questions, contact the team lead: Briana Moore